Hot enough for you?!

Could this week have been any hotter? GAWD! Any who. I will complain about the heat later when I tell you about my attempts at the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

So I made a pretty lateral move which is disappointing but not unexpected. I haven’t been tracking well and once again I have a new culprit to blame: the unseasonable warmth and humidity that is basically attacking the north east right now. Too hot to care. But like I said thats an excuse and pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

I owe myself more than this amount of effort I have been putting in.

I attempted to start the 30 day shred that I mentioned earlier. OMG it totally kicked my butt! Now that exercises that Jillian has you doing are not that scary. They are pretty normal. Its just the patented Jillian Michael’s intensity that makes them really hard. No such thing as a break. And she yells at you. Makes me feel guilty as anything. Of course I also chose to start this program on the only day the thermometer hit 100 as well in a room with no a/c. Ah more excuses.

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