Weigh-In for 6/22/10 aka “Whoa! What just happened?!”

Well lets start with the weigh-in. It was about as bad as I expected. I’ve undone a bit of what I had worked for on my first stint on WW. But I needed to know where I was starting from to see where I was going. My goal for this week is to bring my eating habits back into check. I’ve stocked up on veggies, fruits and all the ingredients for some yummy WW friendly meals. I was bummed yesterday since I was trying really hard to stay on goal. I had signed up for the meal at work (we get to sample the Meals on Wheels that are delivered to our clients). Portion controled with veggies. Yeah, I was supposed to have a cheeseburger and instead it was a lobster roll. Ew! I don’t do the seafood thing. But I got a turkey sandwich with lots of veggies at Panera instead. Dinner was also really bad but I wasn’t home. Today should be much better.

As for the “Whoa!” part of this. I got to work yesterday with an email from one of the supervisors about a job I applied for internally to set up an interview. Lo and behold, the interview happened yesterday. I thought it went really well. Totally threw me for a loop though.

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