Hot enough for you?!

Could this week have been any hotter? GAWD! Any who. I will complain about the heat later when I tell you about my attempts at the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

So I made a pretty lateral move which is disappointing but not unexpected. I haven’t been tracking well and once again I have a new culprit to blame: the unseasonable warmth and humidity that is basically attacking the north east right now. Too hot to care. But like I said thats an excuse and pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

I owe myself more than this amount of effort I have been putting in.

I attempted to start the 30 day shred that I mentioned earlier. OMG it totally kicked my butt! Now that exercises that Jillian has you doing are not that scary. They are pretty normal. Its just the patented Jillian Michael’s intensity that makes them really hard. No such thing as a break. And she yells at you. Makes me feel guilty as anything. Of course I also chose to start this program on the only day the thermometer hit 100 as well in a room with no a/c. Ah more excuses.

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Epic fail on the 6/29

So… I didn’t weigh in on 6/29. I did get a job offer and I get to go full time at my current work place. YAY! Josh took me out to dinner to celebrate and I totally spaced on weighing in. I didn’t take the high road and weigh in the next day. Shame on me.

But yay for full time work right? RIGHT?

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Weigh-In for 6/22/10 aka “Whoa! What just happened?!”

Well lets start with the weigh-in. It was about as bad as I expected. I’ve undone a bit of what I had worked for on my first stint on WW. But I needed to know where I was starting from to see where I was going. My goal for this week is to bring my eating habits back into check. I’ve stocked up on veggies, fruits and all the ingredients for some yummy WW friendly meals. I was bummed yesterday since I was trying really hard to stay on goal. I had signed up for the meal at work (we get to sample the Meals on Wheels that are delivered to our clients). Portion controled with veggies. Yeah, I was supposed to have a cheeseburger and instead it was a lobster roll. Ew! I don’t do the seafood thing. But I got a turkey sandwich with lots of veggies at Panera instead. Dinner was also really bad but I wasn’t home. Today should be much better.

As for the “Whoa!” part of this. I got to work yesterday with an email from one of the supervisors about a job I applied for internally to set up an interview. Lo and behold, the interview happened yesterday. I thought it went really well. Totally threw me for a loop though.

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Why Tuesday became my new Monday.

Its seems strange to want to make my week start any later than it has too. Everyone wants Monday to come and go as fast as possible. For some reason Monday has become a day to dread, to simply push through and hope you have gotten through unscathed. I, like most people, get through Monday on auto-pilot. Haven’t quite recovered from the weekend, not quite ready to start a new week.

This is why I’ve chosen Tuesday to be my new Monday.

This blog while you may get the odd post about my normal day to day life, is primarily a weight loss blog. I have fallen off and on the wagon so many times that I thought I would share this plight with others going through the same thing. I’ve recently started following the Weight Watchers (WW) plan. And I started before Jennifer Hudson made it cool. But, I fell off the wagon around my graduation and now I am ready to get going full force again.

I did WW @ work but I stopped going when I fell off the wagon and the program stopped (not because of me but because we couldn’t get the enrollment numbers we needed). So I am taking the tools I have learned and I am off to conquer the plan without enrolling in another session or online. I will see how far that gets me. With my trusty sidekick (and husband) Josh being my “meeting leader” we are on our way to hopefully dropping some poundage.

When I started WW my weigh ins were on Friday mornings. This didn’t work for me because I would weigh in, splurge all weekend and then not quite recoup by the following Friday. So I decided the beginning of the week was better for me. I chose Tuesday because I will still have that one day to recoup from the weekend and feel like an energetic happy person again. Also, I didn’t want to have another bout with the Missing Monday. You know that day, the Monday where you are going to start the new program but for some reason that Monday just happened to fall off the calendar? You meant to put its face on a milk carton to try to find it but then you said, well I will just do it next Monday. Then all of a sudden that Monday is gone too. Strange things about Mondays, they are only around when you don’t want them there. When you have a resolution to start something and you really want Monday to come around, its MIA.

Thats why I’ll love Tuesdays. They aren’t so fickle.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I will update it at least every weigh in day (after work is the specific time of my weigh-ins). Who knows, I might even get brave and add my weight…. we’ll see…. I pretty yellow bellied….

Thanks for reading!

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